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You can try to describe and structure the modern interior in an attempt to define the style.

Often, because of a misunderstanding of what the concept of design generally means, many people and non-professional designers, call it style. Some designers even can make you an interior in a certain style, for example, industrial or traditional. But you hardly want to live in this interior, this practice can be applied only to public places, such as a restaurant, a quest room, etc.

Good livable design is not something what can be categorized as one style, it would be more correct to define it through categories such as motive and décor.

There is only one style for residential interior design – living style, it’s about the functionality of a space; psychological, physical, and visual comfort. Of course, every designer should have his own vision, way of self-determination. For example, Edge VR Studios vision is natural and minimalistic interior, our ideology is non-synthetic space using natural materials.

Every interior design consists of:

Architecture of the space which includes the layout, location and size of the window openings, the ceiling height, floor levels, view from the window etc. - it's about how we perceive space.

Another component is finishing materials and specific furniture items which helps us to connect the architecture with human interaction sphere.

The third component is décor which consists of details, nuances and different points of attraction.

Let’s look at Loft Interior Design Style.

The roots of loft originated from Manhattan factory districts of the 40s. The rapid increase in land prices in downtown, forced industrial enterprises to move production to the suburbs. Empty buildings were sold for pennies, and representatives of New York bohemia immediately took advantage of it.

In such premises, young artists and musicians held exhibitions, created their masterworks and settled down in huge open spaces with their creative approach. Already by the 50th years these apartments have become very popular and have risen significantly in price due to of the convenient and prime location, spaciousness and unique urban style. Thus, the abandoned factory and warehouse areas turned into luxury loft-style dwellings.

So, loft is industrial interior adapted to the living space. It’s not a style, it’s a way to create living space from industrial space. Modern furniture items or finishing materials imitating such an interior would be more correctly attributed to the industrial style, and can be categorized as décor.

And such concepts as avant-garde, contemporary, modern, they rather characterize the time period in which the interior was created.

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