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Japandi as the highest point of simplicity

What Japan and Scandinavia have in common? What is Japandi? Simplicity, tend to minimalism, love for natural beauty surrounds the interior designs of Scandinavian and Japanese cultures. Both design styles are associated with natural, earthy colors and laconic, simple, clear forms and lines, lack of clutter, natural, light fabrics, a minimal amount of furniture and decorations. Focus on the home, nature, and man, not the State or Ego is very related to Zene Philosophy in Japan, as well as to concept of Bauhaus, which has had a major impact on Scandinavian design. This focus awakens the harmony and comfort we admire so much in Japanese and Scandinavian designs and create clean, function-driven spaces defined by strong pieces rather than an abundance of decor. Japan and Scandinavia may be thousands of killometers apart, but they definitely have a lot in common in terms of design approach. Japanese and Scandinavian interior designs, on the other hand, are different and can harmoniously complement each other. And when this happens, Japandi is born. For example, aspects of the Scandinavian notion of Hygge, (the Nordic term for the homely feeling of coziness), and Japanese Wabi-sabi, (finding beauty in imperfection), can blend to create a unique atmosphere. Imagine repaired broken pottery piece, the center object in the art of Kintsugi, in Scandinavian design, or plush rugs and soft blankets in sleek Japenese design. Japanese style may use rich tones of color palette. It may be built from stained woods surrounded by eye-catching additions of red and black, which is opposite to Scandinavian design wich uses mostly pastel accents. Just add saturated, but neutral shade walls and vibrant green plants to Scandinavian design (light wood, neutral color furniture) and get beautiful Japandi style at your home.

By combining the beautiful parts of Scandinavian and Japanese designs, this style might be the highest point of simplicity and harmony.

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