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We can stay productive while working from home!

Self-isolation can be hard and depressive, but with some specific knowledge, we can stay productive while working from home.

You need self-discipline and great organizational skills to maintain the work from home.

Your home and family are your company now. For at least half of the day. To be functional, you need to create the corporate (organizational) culture for your company. It means to determine how you all interact: business hours, office setup, and so on.

For example, you can make a schedule and include breaks. Hang the schedule in a prominent place, so everyone knows when you can or can’t be disturb. You can use door hangers when you don't fit the schedule.

And of course, don’t forget to show your care to others! Empathy matters to your healthy corporate culture a lot.

After you define your culture, you can start working on your productivity.

You need to make sure you separate work from play. To create the boundaries between work and play, you can try these brain tricks: wear your work clothes while you are at work mode or bring your mug from the office. You can start to listen to specific music while you are working. Physically and mentally separate your work process from leisure time! You can be creative here.

Create your workspace where you will be the most comfortable. And then you can take your work to a different place to change the perspective for a while.

Set goals and define the work you need to accomplish. Your attention is a key to success. Where you direct your attention, determines what you will achieve. Focus on the work that needs to get done that day. Define work priorities every day, do the most important tasks first and always check on your progress toward your goals.

Do not forget to take regular breaks! You can meditate while on a break. Meditation help us to break down the trigger-reward cycle and change it.

Feel gratitude to smallest things. Gratitude reduces stress. And boosts immunity.

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