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Creating with knowledge and passion we believe we are changing the perception of the 3D visualization industry by providing a unique virtual experience. 


Virtual Reality Tours. With virtual reality glasses, you can freely go around your future home, office, or any virtual space. This technology gives you an illusion of depth that provides greater realism.

Virtual Reality Services. Interactive tour. Virtual Reality presence session.

Virtual Tour 360.  Display Online 360 Videos on you computer, mobile or virtual reality glasses.

Walkthrough. HD  Videos.

We offer a unique virtual experience to go around the space you imagine. It is not just about 3d images anymore!

At Edge VR Studios we generate a virtual environment where the user can move, see and feel the created space. The user gets a completely real vision of the project and is aware of its dimensions.

Specially created tools allow you to control the environment: by pressing a button you can make any kind of change. You can change the color of walls, furniture or floor, try different floor finishes, wall coverings or tiling etc in real time. You can control even the lighting.

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