Why is it important to know the basics of photography in order to make a great architectural visualization?

May 1, 2020

What do photographers and visualizers have in common?

Attention is a key to a good picture. To become a photographer, you need to look and see, and then look again harder. To understand what is important, what is beautiful, what is worth to be seen, what is the story of all this.

And when you see the story worth to be told, you begin to create, you begin to draw the perspective, the composition, to emphasize the key elements... All this combining with technical knowledge of your camera and its communication with the environment create a good picture.

Attention is a key to a good architectural visualization. You need to see what this building is about, why it’s beautiful, how you can emphasize its beauty, what benefits you can get from the environment, time of the day, light, materials and etc. What is the story of