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Virtual reality offers a great potential to Architectural Design Industry.

Why not take a tour of your future home before you spend thousands or millions of dollars building it?

Traditionally architectural companies provide you with drawings or pictures of your future home, but walk through space is a completely different experience. It's a very common practice when you walk through space you understand that this hallway is too narrow or you don't feel comfortable cooking far from the fridge or that you want a bigger bathroom space, while on the pictures you are completely satisfied with the layout.

Utilizing real time visualization technology allows you to understand these things at the very beginning and do the revisions and designs in virtual reality, which will cost you thousands of dollars cheaper in real life.

So if you want to you can actually walk through your future space, open and close doors, turn on the lights on and off, change materials and finishes, turn on the TV or even change the time of the day. All of these options go a long way towards building immersion and confidence towards the spaces you are building.

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