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Interior Design and Architecture in Virtual Reality

Interior design and architectural companies are using Virtual Reality to help demonstrate clients what their new houses and rooms will look like. You can walk through your interior design or architectural building today, Virtual Reality will become an essential concept in Architecture and Design. It's the most efficient way to demonstrate a project which does not exist yet and make right decisions. Image, you can teleport yourself to your future home, dine in your favorite restaurant or walk around your perfect office.

At Edge VR Studios we generate a virtual environment where the user can move, see and feel the created space. The user gets a completely real vision of the project and is aware of its dimensions.

Specially created tools allow you to control the environment: by pressing a button you can make any kind of change. You can change the color of walls, furniture or floor, try different floor finishes, wall coverings or tiling etc in real time. You can control even the lighting.

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